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Routine nail care isn’t always easy for many men and women who have diabetes or other systemic conditions affecting the feet. That’s where the Rhode Island Foot Care team can help with routine nail care and healthy foot maintenance. There are offices in North Providence, Pawtucket, Newport, Riverside, Johnston, Warwick, Cranston, East Providence, Cumberland, Warren, and Central Falls, Rhode Island, and locations in Taunton and Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Routine Nail Care Q & A

Who needs help with routine nail care?

Many men and women may need help with routine nail care. Some situations in which you might need this service include:


Diabetes often causes neuropathy, nerve damage that can cause foot numbness. This can sometimes lead to toenail problems, like ingrown toenails, that you may not notice. Your podiatrist can regularly inspect and trim your nails as part of your diabetic foot care.

Restricted movement

If you’re unable to reach your feet to trim your toenails and perform other routine nail care, your podiatrist can help. 

Very thick toenails

If you have very thick toenails, it can be very difficult or impossible to trim them with ordinary toenail clippers. Your podiatrist can use special tools to safely trim your nails without pain.

Chronic nail fungus

Nail fungus can be very stubborn, often returning again and again if you don’t get a treatment that targets the fungus under the nail. Rhode Island Foot Care offers laser treatment of fungal nails, which destroys the fungus for good. Your podiatrist can also take care of your fungal nails as the fungus grows out. 

Other conditions and issues, such as arthritis, limited eyesight, or cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s, can also interrupt your routine nail care at home. 

If you’re having trouble taking care of your nails on your own, ask a friendly team member at Rhode Island Foot Care about how professional routine nail care can help. 

What does routine nail care include?

Rhode Island Foot Care personalizes routine nail care for the individual. Because most men and women who need regular nail care also have medical conditions that require close monitoring, the team typically performs a foot exam before doing any nail care. 

Your routine nail care can include:

  • Trimming toenails
  • Debriding toenails – removing infected portions of the nail
  • Toenail thinning 
  • Ingrown toenail removal

If you have an infected toenail, as in cases of toenail fungus, you may also need laser treatments as part of your nail care. Depending on your health needs and situation, you may need other routine foot care such as corn and callus removal at the same time as your nail care. 

How often do I need routine nail care at the podiatrist’s office? 

Appointment frequency varies with your personal needs. In general, you need to see the podiatrist at least twice a year if you have diabetes. The team gives you personalized recommendations to help you maintain healthy nails and feet. 

Book your routine nail care by calling Rhode Island Foot Care or schedule an appointment online today.