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For such a seemingly small problem, an ingrown nail can affect your overall wellness and the slightest touch can become an unbearably painful affair. For quick, easy treatment of your ingrown nail, trust the providers at Rhode Island Foot Care. There are convenient locations in Taunton and Dartmouth, Massachusetts, as well as North Providence, Pawtucket, Newport, Riverside, Johnston, Warwick, Cranston, East Providence, Cumberland, Warren, and Central Falls, Rhode Island. To find the proper treatment for your ingrown nail, call your nearest office or schedule an appointment online.

Ingrown Nail Q & A

What is an ingrown nail?

An ingrown nail is a nail that grows into your flesh, rather than up and over it. Ingrown nails typically affect your big toes, but they can develop in any toe. 

As your nail continues to grow into your flesh, it can cause inflammation and considerable pain as the nerves in the area react to the intrusion. Left untreated, an ingrown nail can also cause an infection, which becomes a far more serious issue.

What causes ingrown nails?

There are many factors that contribute to an ingrown nail, including:

  • Overly curved nails
  • Trimming your nails too short
  • Trauma to your toe, such as stubbing it
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight around the toes

No matter how you developed your ingrown nail, prompt treatment at Rhode Island Foot Care brings you much-needed relief.

How are ingrown nails treated?

When you come in, your provider first looks at your toe to determine the extent of the problem in order to come up with the best treatment plan. Depending upon your situation, they may recommend:

  • Lifting your nail and securing it so it grows out properly
  • Removing the piece of nail
  • Removing the problematic nail bed

Your provider makes sure you’re comfortable and depending on the treatment, they may use a local anesthetic. If you suffer from repeated ingrown nails in the same toe, removing the nail bed may be the best option for you.

Removing the nail bed underneath the area where your nail continually grows into your flesh prevents the problem from recurring down the road.

If you have diabetes, it’s especially important that you seek medical help for your ingrown nail at Rhode Island Foot Care. Any problem that can potentially lead to an infection in your feet is cause for serious concern and requires professional oversight. 

To get relief from your ingrown nail, call Rhode Island Foot Care or schedule an appointment online.